My Story

Everything great in the world starts with a dream.

I was born on August 3, 1991 in Ukraine, in Kyiv. Being a child, I was paying great attention to details, undistinguished and unnoted at first glance. And I always admired the beauty of the world around me, focusing on the flowing games of light, the combination of shades and the variety of textures. Later on I entered the Kyiv College of Construction, Architecture and Design, which I graduated in 2009 with a degree in architecture. In 2013 I continued my education at the Faculty of Architecture, Construction and Design at the Kiyv National Aviation University. The Faculty of Architecture helped me develop spatial thinking and allowed me to believe in the endless possibilities of design. It also awakened in me a great love for my work. Right away I started to implement my skills in practice - by that moment the Antonovych family already owned their own design studio Antonovich Design in Kyiv. In 2015 I with my family moved to the industrial and cultural center of Kazakhstan - Astana. The luxury interior design studio Luxury Antonovich Design was opened here and became the perfect platform for my bold and brave design ideas. After the rebranding, our company got the new name - Antonovych Design. Due to building up close partnerships relations with well-known Italian furniture factories, in 2017, my husband Dmytro Korotchuk and I launched our new project - the Antonovych Home, the multi-brand Italian furniture center in Astana. This is a unique gallery where our clients can find huge variety of exceptional and one-off-a-kind pieces of furniture. It also includes ready-to-go interior solutions that enlarges wide possibilities of Italian furnishing traditions. With time the list of projects was replenished with the Poliform monobrand showroom. It offers products of the international Italian factory, that is well known and represented on 5 continents in 85 countries of the world. In 2022 an exposition has included highly respectful Versace Home brand.

Everything to make your interior space easily turn into a dream house, where you want to return again and again for a portion of energy, strength and a sense of absolute comfort.